Beauty lies in Simplicity

Many UI/UX designers will agree that “There is beauty in simplicity”. Some of the best apps on the market today, are based on simplicity and ease of use. It’s one of the reasons why they are so successful – a 6-year-old can use it. Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean there isn’t any strategy that goes behind it. Paul Rand said it best when he said “Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated.” The best user experiences come from brands that are not only data-driven, but are able to personalize through data allowing them to build unique experiences that drive engagement and provide better outcomes for the user.

One of the reasons Periscope has found great success almost immediately is because they were able to understand their audience and were able to give them everything they needed and nothing they didn’t need.


Here is a list of features that make periscope a great experience:

Smooth Live Streaming:

Periscope utilizes a best in class GPUImage framework that is designed to quickly process video frames using Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). In simpler terms, Periscope offers a great video experience because it’s ability to deliver fast and smoothing streaming to its users. High-quality real-time streaming across the world was unheard of when Periscope entered the market.

Real-timing messaging:

Feedback is crucial success. Periscope real-time messaging feature allows users to give instant feedback to their favorite celebrity or brand. Brands now have the ability to change their strategy in real-time and create a better experience for its views. This foundation of continuous improvement is in every UI/UX designers manifesto.

Social Integration:

You can go live and immediately let all your friends/fans know! Periscope seamlessly integrates with social platforms such as Twitter. Personally reaching your following in real-time has never been so simpler.

Periscope was not only one of the first live streaming apps to enter the market, but it set the tone of how live-streaming apps can find success with a simple approach.

Want to hear more about what Periscope has to offer? Check out Alexia Tsotsis hands-on demo below!


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