Periscope vs. YouTube

In my last blog post, Periscope vs. Facebook Live, I talked about the history of Periscope and how competitors like Facebook have identified the true value of live-streaming and have added a periscope-like service to their offerings. While Facebook has already found great success in the live-streaming industry, they are not the only competitor in the space. Shortly after Periscope launched, the media mogul YouTube started trying to incorporate live-streaming into their platform.

Periscope and YouTube are very similar in the sense that both are two video recording networks that allow users to create videos for not only their networks, but for people all around the world. So which one is better? Well let’s let them battle it out and see who comes on top:


YouTube has a larger Audience:

Founded in May 2005, YouTube has over 1 billion monthly users while Periscope is sitting at just a mere 10 Million users – total! Now that might sound like a bad thing for Periscope, but having a niche user base is what attracted many users in the first place and might be just the right platform for your small business. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Ever heard of YouTube celebrities? The potential of creating your own YouTube channel is tremendous and many have made a wealthy living doing so. Sure this might sound awesome, but if you’re trying to do something for your business through YouTube, it’s more than likely that someone is already doing it. Competition is tough on YouTube! Now if you have been blessed by the Marketing Gods to have a substantial enough budget to compete on YouTube, by all means, go for it!  My point is, if you’re a large brand, YouTube is for you, but if you’re a smaller brand, Periscope is a better option.

My final thoughts:

If you’re a new or small business with a small following, you will find it a lot easier getting your brand out on Periscope because of its lack of competition and a smaller user base. After you’ve gained a stronger following, you can move into creating a channel on YouTube. Additionally, new business have a better chance being on the top profiles list because Periscope is trying to get more brands to join the position.

Have you read my earlier blog post about Periscope vs. Facebook LIVE? Well, what are you waiting for?


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