Guest: ShopperKitty on Livestream E-Commerce

shopperkitty13Hi readers! ShopperKitty here. I’m a blogger that speaks about all things in the world of online shopping. A couple years ago social networking took the world by storm and continues to be one of the hottest topics today. Then someone got the incredible idea of mashing social networking together with online shopping (thank you whoever you are!) Nowadays though, you can find dozens of social shopping sites and mobile apps that offer similar services and features. So what can these online interactive shopping sites do to differentiate themselves further?

Three words: Live Commerce Marketing.

I have seen some apps like Wanelo use Snapchat and Youtube to feature models but I haven’t seen any type of pristine consistent content from any social shopping site that has made a significant impact in the current market… Which I feel opens an entirely open opportunity waiting to be seized. Millennials and the younger generations are agreeable the most tech savvy generations when it comes to social networks. According to Danish’s Blog, that 3 in 4 Periscope users are between the ages of 16 and 24. With so many younger users on Periscope, why not take advantage and tap into that market for e-commerce?

Let’s try an example with Wanelo (which is my favorite social shopping site by the way). They don’t have a Periscope account but they absolutely should and here’s why. Wanelo already has over 11 millions users, 62 thousand followers on Twitter, 181 thousand followers on Instagram, and almost 205 thousand likes on Facebook. They can leverage their already established community by launching a Periscope account. But they need to make sure they have a strategy set so that it keeps momentum moving.


There are several ways Wanelo could use periscope. They can establish a consistent schedule for certain topics. For example, every Monday through Friday at noon, they can create a stream called “Lookbook for Lunchtime” and yes I am making this up as I go. Here they can feature some of Wanelo’s trending products or maybe even include paid product placements from stores so that people can tune in for during their lunch break. They can encourage product giveaways through their already established social media platforms and state that the winners would be announced on Periscope. I could sit here and come up with dozens of ideas on how Wanelo could use Periscope. The major benefit is that this would create a more sincere relationship among Wanelo and its users because of the raw nature of live streaming.

Could this be the next million dollar idea? Find out more about Wanelo on my blog!




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