Am I too Old or Young for Periscope?

Pop Quiz: A live streaming app that allows users to share any moment, anywhere with their social network. What audience is Periscope trying to target? If you answered, Millennials and Gen Z, you my friend, are a winner!  Before we can fully understand Periscopes target audience, it’s only fair we look at who Twitter is targeting. After all, twitter acquired Periscope in March 2015 for 86.6 Million. Twitter users range from young high schools looking to rant about school to older generations of professionals looking to share thoughts and their brands. GlobalwebIndex  published a blog in March of this year stating that “41% of users are aged 16-24 and 3 in 4 of them are under 35. That the app has a young and content-hungry audience is thus plain to see.”


Image: GlobalwebIndex

This is why many marketers have turned to live-streaming platforms such as Periscope because it has such a broad target audience. Such an audience opens the app to new opportunities for business in a variety of industries – a little for everyone.


Leveraging the reach and audience power of Twitter and Periscope allows virtually anyone to capitalize on the concept of broadcasting live videos to their fans or customers. Brands want to build loyalty amongst their customers and have a more personal connection with their followers utilize the app. Celebrities who want to have a more organic connection with their fans utilize the app. Teens who want to live stream with their friends and want to share moments with their network utilize the app.

My final thoughts:

After Periscope merged with Twitter, it has become a great platform for anyone and everyone that wants to get in on the live-streaming trend – and it’s showing to be quite profitable.



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